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“The New Liberal Arts” by Sanford.J.Ungar

on October 3, 2012

In his article “The New Liberal Arts” the author Sanford J. Ungar gives some examples of misperceptions which exist in our society on how worthless the Liberal Arts is in nowadays. He proves that liberal-arts education is not as powerless as it’s described in each of 7 misperceptions giving his own arguments for each of these points. Some misperceptions say the Liberal Arts is more a lux than a necessity and completely irrelevant for low-income families in our economically unstable time. The author opposes this idea by stating that L.A prepare students to be ready for negative changes that may occur in a career (ex. career that may become to a dead end one day.); and that its unfair to differentiate people by their economical status, level of education etc. Other misperceptions say that having only Liberal-arts degree is not enough to succeed in a career, and that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are considered as a STEM fields in our days. Here the author brings some statistics that a considerable amount of employers prefer to employ those who pursue “liberal education” and even China which builds it’s economy on the basis of  STEM field, also would like to include L.A. to improve it’s educational standards. In 5th misperception I don’t see any connection between “Liberal Democrats” and L.A. Last one states that just because of expensive education its’ unnecessary to pursue a liberal arts education. The author explains it by stating that Americans do not pay much attention on education and that is  why there are only few of those who knows how to make college affordable as there are a lot  of ways to pay for college. Ungar concludes his article by giving an advise that it would be helpful to ignore all these misperceptions as L.A. teaches not only to make a living, but also teachs to move up in the world and ultimately succeed fully in life.

I agree with the responds that Ungar makes in his article. What I strongly agree with is when the author states that “the rich folks will do the important thinking, and the lower classes carry out their ideas. That is just form of prejudice and cannot be supported intellectually”. In making this statement Ungar urges us to respect everyone despite of his/her race, background, socioeconomic group, or type of education.


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